Tahoe Fire Dancers is Lake Tahoe’s premiere performance company since 2006. TFD offers an array of different props, performance styles, and choreographed numbers.  We incorporate yoga, martial arts, and flow into our performances.

We  love to give back to their community by teaching workshops for participants ranging from beginner to advanced. TFD is dedicated to the Lake Tahoe Community. We provide education in the form of creating and instructing dance classes and host workshops and local spin jams. 

The members of TFD pride themselves on safety and work closely with the local Fire Departments in compliance with NFPA 160 standards and provide ongoing, free fire safety training for the community. Each performer is insured for $5 million. 

Tahoe Fire Dancers has performed at Wanderlust, WinterWondergrass, SnowGlobe, Bass Camp Music Festival, Burning Man’s Inner Circle, and many other corporate events and festivals.

What We Provide

We are happy to provide roaming entertainment throughout the evening or put on a professionally choreographed show that ranges from 10-30 minutes. You may choose from any LED or fire prop-- we have them all!

Some props we can provide include:

Hoops | Fans | Fire breathing using cornstarch | Staff and double staff | Fire sword | Palm Candles and eating torches | Dragon Staff | Fire Yoyo (diablo) & Devil sticks | Fire Clubs for juggling | Rope Dart- | Poi | Fire whip


We require at least a 15 x 15 foot area to perform away from audience members and flammable surfaces.


Fire permitting available.


We can provide a sound system.


Lighting available.


We must have a fuel station at least 10 feet away from the performance area that is not used for foot traffic.


Trained safety for every fire show.


Gas, travel, lodging, and meal expenses will also be included in our fees.


Gas, travel, lodging, and meal expenses will also be included in our fees.